I Decided Today

I decided today

that I do not exist

I am merely

an imaginary story


Every person I have ever encountered

is my storyteller


They will tell you

about the woman they see

the way she smiles

The taste of her laughter

Which seems to cover

the agony she tries so hard to hide

They will tell you

About how sweet

and how innocent she is


ask my brother and he

will unravel my inner darkness for you

He will tell you

How lost I am

But baby

I am not lost

I simply

Do not exist


I look at myself from afar

And I see my brother

my father and mother

I see my friends my relatives

And some strangers

Across the streets

At the coffee shop

Bookstores or theater


They see me

But there has never been a me

I am nothing

But their imaginary story


Author: WARMtaipei

WARM is a weekly meeting where women with similar states of mental health can come and share their stories, talk about what they are going through. We provide a safe, warm, and nonjudgmental environment where you can be supported and know that you are not alone. We welcome ladies from all backgrounds and walks of life to be a part of our growing network of support! __________________________________________________________________ WARM是一個每週一次的會議,可以讓有相似心理健康狀況的女性來分享她們的故事,談談她們正在經歷的事情。我們提供一個安全,溫暖和非判斷性質的環境,您可以得到支持,並知道您並不孤單。我們歡迎來自不同背景和各行各業的女士成為我們日益增長的支持網絡的一部分!

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